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A Good Idea Is Not Enough 
I am often asked by investors to determine why a "sure" investment is not achieving the expected results. Prudent investors can utilize my experience and expertise in the due diligence process when evaluating potential investments.  I can help investors reduce the risk of a bad investment and greatly improve the chances of success in a good investment. Entrepreneurs are most likely to seek my help in the process of raising money. What they discover is that the answers to questions that investors seek are incredibly important in the formulation of their own strategy. I work closely with both investors and entrepreneurs to help them develop a comprehensive understanding of their market, process, competitive positioning, people, and drivers of profitability. Find out more about the the types of issues that we deal with on our RESOURCES page.
Our Process
Three decades of experience has given me a lot of intuition and insight. That experience has also taught me how counter-intuitive the market and business process for a new venture can be.  Not every question needs to be answered for every business, but every question needs to be considered.  I approach every situation using a structured, proven evaluation process.  Discipline combined with insight and experience will always yield the best results.

While I am sometimes asked to focus on a particular area,  I evaluate every problem in the context of the entire business.  Market, process, people, competition, and finances are all interdependent.   A failure to account for the customers budgeting cycle can disrupt the  the product rollout and cash flow plans.   Insuficient understanding of the end to end product manufacturing and delivery process can affect marketing strategy.  A failure to understand the nuances of a customers buying decision process can result in a lack of sufficient funding to cover early customer support or trial units.  It is often the understanding of the interactions between disciplines that leads to the greatest breakthroughs.  

The Bradam Group offers both short-term and long-term consulting arrangements. Before entering a long-term arrangement we typically start with a short-term agreement to ensure that there is a good fit between your needs and our expertise.  Please contact us for more information.